Mosquito and Spymania Records are proud to present
G.Lister - G.Lister Rides Again EP - yes, 12" vinyl. Yay!

Maritime Under Me Glist---------- Glist N Go
All That Glisters -------------- Go Glie Go Lee

preview mp3 now on erutufon.ftp !

"And after time has shaped us players
As Shakespeare says, to play our parts,
We find the ways to sweeten hard times
From bitter fruit, we make sweet tarts."

there's a bard in berlin, a troubador man in Scotland, I cried like a baby,

A rare and welcome return to vinyl for the ever sporadic Spymania, and Mosquito's first musical adventure since Digital Princezz. These two quatro-cunquitic labels team up to celebrate both their 20th releases in one joint twelve inch slab of mayhem from reclusive scottish weirdo George Lister. If you don't know Mosquito, thems is the only people making great techno since everyone got lost about 1995. See

With a production style often compared to Jamie Lidell, there has been speculation that the two are in fact one and the same. Which is true. Rumbling abstract techno, drum 'n' r 'n' b 'n' bass and that Jamie shit we just don't get enough of, all abound in a glorious mash up redolant of Baccus himself. Amen brother.

Now, make an old man happy by wishing the mosquito family a happy birthday - say out loud "hello mosquito crew, happy birthday from me, i love you like dogs".